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Why choose Complete Home Handyman Services

We are one of the premier providers of the best renovations and home repair services in Flamborough, St Catharines and Niagara

offering the highest quality of service at the most affordable price.


Frequently Asked Questions - Questions & Answers

FAQs - Questions & Answers

Complete Home can provide full renovation services (including product selection) from the budgeting and estimating phase right through to the layout/design and completion of your project.

Complete Home will also operate as the General Contractor which means it not only performs the renovation work, but is also able to provide all the key people required for your project including labourers, electricians, painters, plumbers, drywall finishers etc.

First because Complete Home is experienced and managing a project requires both good contacts and a lot time. If you're able to devote close to full-time hours to your project then doing it yourself is a viable option. The second reason to use Complete Home is its contacts. The company regularly uses the same sub-contractors and suppliers and therefore can be assured of excellent service and top quality supplies. Complete Home's sub-contractors are reliable and conscientious people who arrive on time and perform the tasks they agreed to perform. They in turn feel a sense of responsibility to Complete Home and therefore there is no risk to our clients of any sub-standard work being done. There are no shortcuts taken and any problems which should be addressed are taken care of immediately.

Our long term relationship with our suppliers that we count on for quality materials, reasonable, timely delivery dates and superior installations is the main reason for using our suppliers. We also trust and warrantee the products we supply, giving you years of satisfaction, durability and comfort. We also use these very same products and service in our own homes.

Complete Home pricing is very clear - charging only for the cost of materials and contractors to which overhead and disbursement fees are applied. A small markup is added for overhead to cover the cost of tools, phones, fuel, vehicles, accounting and office expenses as well as a small profit on the project. All work is clearly outlined in the original quote and all charges and changes are clearly outlined on any invoicing. Finally, taxes are added.

If you own a home there is always work to be done and Complete Home is just a phone call away ready to help out whether its minor repairs or regular maintenance. We will checkin with you from time to time to see if there are any onther projects you might want to do but we won't hound or push you to do something you arent ready for personally or financially, after all, it is YOUR home. We also do emergency and simple repairs as needed, just keep our number handy even if it just for the peace of mind knowing you have someone you can trust with your home and home repair or renovation needs.

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