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Posts from 2014-11-06

Hiring a designer or architect

.Building or renovating a home can be a complicated and costly process. Hiring an architect or designer can be an effective way of making sure the job goes smoothly and efficiently.  However there are some things to consider when working with architects or designers.

I have heard many people say their designer or architect gave them a single design that didn’t reflect anything they had asked for and they still had to pay the fee for something they couldn’t use.

When getting drawings done ask for two or three options to choose from. One of the options should be what you originally asked for. This helps you to explore some ideas you may not have thought of. Often the final design is a hybrid of the three options.

Also, ask for a three-dimensional drawing or model, as plans and elevations are difficult to understand. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it. Ask lots of questions. Take time to think about it and discuss the design before making any decisions.

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